• The Making of


    In 2015, a conversation between writer Luka Lesson and composer James Humberstone started to bear fruit, with a residency at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music scheduled for mid-2016.


    Since then Odysseus has become a monstrous multi-arts project 6 years in the making, with an Industry Preview in Melbourne in 2018 and a number of significant rewrites and developments.


    So far, we do not know when the Odysseus will make his way home to Ithaca - a world premiere awaits somewhere over the horizon.

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    SBS World News

    Odysseus featured on SBS world news by reporter Manny Tsigas

    Akala's Odyssey

    Luka Lesson & Odysseus featured on BBC documentary 'Akala's Odyssey'

    ABC News

    Odysseus featured on ABC News via interview with Luka Lesson