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    The Future Ancients is a creative collective dedicated to bridging the gap between the epic past and inspired futures. Focussed primarily on turning aspects of Ancient Greek history into modern music, theatre and cinematic experiences - The Future Ancients was borne out of founder, Luka Haralampou's, own desire to connect with his Hellenic heritage more deeply.

    Also known as poet and rap artist Luka Lesson, Luka began researching Homer's The Odyssey at the end of 2015 - six years later and The Future Ancients, now houses musical theatre production Agapi & Other Kinds of Love and the forthcoming modern epic Odysseus.


    The Future Ancients is inspired by the Homeridae and Rhapsodes of Ancient Greece, who carried the epics of Homer on their tongues and the culture of a people on their backs for a thousand years. Similarly, it is inspired by oral traditions held by diverse groups of peoples globally and their tenacity in continuously expressing old stories in new ways.


    Through Hip-hop, slam poetry, film and theatre The Future Ancients seeks to breathe new life into the classics.


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    Image: Victorious poet reciting from a plinth. From his open mouth proceed the first words of a poem - c490-480BC, Athens, Greece.