• Team
    The Future Ancients

    Luka Lesson

    Creator of The Future Ancients, Writer & Performer.


    Luka Lesson (aka Luka Haralampou) is a Hip-hop & poetry artist of Greek heritage and the driving force behind The Future Ancients.
    Luka has written commissions and performed for the likes of The National Gallery of Victoria, Greece’s pioneer Hip-Hop group Active Member, The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, South Africa’s OneBlood Festival and China’s most celebrated living poet Xi Chuan in Beijing. He is also a former Australian Poetry Slam Champion and has poems and rap verses studied in English curriculums nationwide.

    Vyv Abla

    Lead Producer


    Vyvienne Abla is a Producer and Artist & Tour Manager that has been working in the music and creative industries for 15 years locally and around the globe.
    In 2007 she founded Vyva Entertainment and the 4ESydney HipHop Festival in 2015, using HipHop and music culture to empower others, with a focus on integrating industry, education and community to create unique pathways for youth, artists and professionals.
    Over the years her work has gained attention internationally, being invited to New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe and Middle East to speak about her experiences.

    James Humberstone



    James Humberstone’s output is influenced by his research background in experimental music, and his interest in composing for children and community ensembles. Born in London, Humberstone migrated to Australia in 1997 after completing a degree in composition at the University of Exeter.
    After many residencies and a prolific decade of creative works, in 2013 Humberstone completed his PhD and was appointed Lecturer in Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Today he works in the fields of composition, music education and technology research, as well as experimental music.

    Sam Foster



    Sam Foster is an actor, director, stunt-man and yoga practitioner with a wealth of experience touring and performing both in Australia and abroad.
    As a partner in Shock Therapy Productions his works have won Matilda awards and seen successful seasons at the Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane. His stunt work took him Namibia in 2015 where he worked on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road.