• Odysseus

    Homer's The Odyssey Re-imagined

    Odysseus in the Media

    A multi-arts project utilising classical composition, film, Hip-hop and spoken word poetry, Odysseus takes Homer’s The Odyssey and breaths fresh new meaning into words that were first recited 3,000 years ago.


    Since the inception of Odysseus in 2015, the team at The Future Ancients has worked tirelessly to create what we believe to be a powerful re-imaging of Homer's The Odyssey.


    After two successful work-in-progress showings in 2016 and 2018, the world premiere was scheduled for 2020 - but just like The Odyssey itself, our own journey has been one of unforeseen obstacles, with its ups and downs and twists and turns.


    No matter what has befallen us, we continue to forge forward towards our own Ithaki - a world premiere sometime in the future -

    Somewhere, just over the horizon.


    In 2015, a conversation between writer Luka Lesson and composer James Humberstone began to bear fruit, with a residency at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music scheduled for mid-2016.


    Since then Odysseus has become a monstrous multi-arts project 7 years in the making, with an Industry Preview in Melbourne in 2018 and a number of significant rewrites and developments.


    The dream is the take Odysseus to Athens, to return the story to its own Ithaki - where it was first performed.

    Quotes from the Industry Preview:


    "Innovative and brilliantly executed"


    "An epic story, a great script, emotional and modern score and a fantastic performance"


    "Truly a work of art!"


    "A bold, new imagining of the mother of all stories"

    -Paul Kelly

    Odysseus Produced by The Future Ancients

    Head Producer: Vyv Abla

    Concept, Writer, Lead: Luka Lesson

    Director: Sam Foster

    Composer: James Humberstone

    Music Producer: Jordan Thomas Mitchell

    Film: Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore