& Other Kinds of Love

    World Premiere: 

    27th, 28th & 29th April

    National Museum of Australia

    In Agapi & Other Kinds of Love, Socrates tells a table of poets and playwrights everything he learned from a mysterious lover: Diotima.
    The gods then take the audience on a journey - collapsing time and space to arrive at the midst of a riot in Athens during the economic crisis, where two reincarnations of the ancient lovers fall in love (again), and modern examples of the Ancient Greek kinds of love are revealed.
    Self-love, erotic love, the love of the stranger and the love of deep friendships will all collide with molotov cocktails and shards of corinthian columns in this modern extrapolation of Plato's, The Symposium.
    Part poetic monologue, part rap concert & meticulously researched history lesson, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love shows us the power of love when held under pressures of the modern and ancient kind.




    Created by The Future Ancients
    Head Producer: Vyv Abla
    Writer, Concept, Lead: Luka Lesson
    Director: Sam Foster
    Composer: James Humberstone
    Musicians: Greta Kelly,
    Christine Ibrahim