• Inspired by Plato's Symposium, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love is a Hip-hop Opera embedded in the Ancient Greek storytelling tradition. Greek-Australian poet Luka Lesson shines as he draws on his heritage to take us on a journey through the Ancient Greek kinds of love.


    Agapi begins with Socrates telling a banquet of friends everything he learned from a mysterious lover named: Diotima. The gods then take the audience on a journey - collapsing time and space to arrive in modern day Athens, where the two reincarnations of the Ancient lovers fall in love (again) in the midst of a riot. Self-love, erotic love and familial love all collide with statues of Aphrodite, Molotov cocktails and the Parthenon steps as Agapi flips between the modern and ancient worlds using song, poetry, rap and light to reveal how love prevails despite the trials and tribulations of the ages.


    Scored by composer James Humberstone (Sydney Conservatorium), Agapi shifts musically between Ancient Greek sounds for the scnes set in 416BC, Modern Greek Hip-hop for scenes set in 2022AD & Sci-Fi synths inspired by Greek composer Vangelis (Bladerunner) for scenes featuring the primordial gods Chaos & Cosmos.

    "This was one of the highest calibre and most transformative live performances I have attended in my life".

    -Audience Feedback



    "The best part was the way modern and ancient influences collided into a glorious spectacle of story, song, colour and sound."

    -Audience Response