The Making of

    Agapi & Other Kinds of Love

    Agapi & Other Kinds of Love was originally commissioned by Bleach* Festival and La Boite Theatre in 2018. The vision was to create a one-man hip-hop and spoken word theatre show based on the Ancient Greek types of love. The initial phase of writing was done between Nov '18 & April '19.  The result was a first draft of the show, and a work-in-progress showing of the project at Bleach* Festival on the Gold Coast in April of 2019.

    In the second phase of the project, Luka Lesson engaged in a week-long residency at La Boite Theatre, resulting in a second work-in-progress showing in May of 2019. In this period of development the narrative of the project developed significantly, and although it was still primarily a one-man theatre piece, some unsuccessful attempts were made to include music and soundscapes to the project.


    In August of 2019, La Boite Theatre decided to discontinue the process of supporting the work, which left Agapi & Other Kinds of Love on the edge of being deserted as a creative project. Slowly though, writer Luka Lesson kept chipping away at the project in between other creative projects and tours. Although confident and excited about the creative direction of Agapi, the work had no home, no funding, and no fixed date of completion. On top of this, COVID cancellations shelved the work indefinitely from the start of 2020.


    With not much other than an innate desire to finish the project in whatever way possible, Luka Lesson continued to write and improve on the text he had started two years earlier - eventually asking James Humberstone (Sydney Conservatorium, Odysseus) to compose music for the work, both with the vision of creating an album and a live show just for the love of the art. Soon, a very simple verbal agreement with Brisbane Festival was enough to put both artists on a path of vigorous creative process via distance - with Luka writing and recording demos of scenes at home on a simple microphone, and James composing rough musical demos with those initial voice recordings in his home studio. What follows is some of the process, struggles and breakthroughs of those collaborations as the two artists and the creative team build the work towards its world premiere at Brisbane Festival in September 2021.